Wake Up Now: The Direct Approach to Spiritual Realization
Eight-week online class, Tuesday evenings, February 28-April 18, 2017
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Based on my books Wake Up Now and Beyond Mindfulness, this eight-week video class offers a comprehensive and systematic introduction to spiritual awakening. Though the course draws on classical teachings from Advaita Vedanta, Zen, and Tibetan Dzogchen-Mahamudra, it’s grounded in and arises from direct realization, which keeps the material fresh and imbued with the energy and wisdom of Source. The intention is not to add more information to your spiritual dossier, but to guide and inspire you to wake up right now to the truth of your essential nondual spiritual nature.

The course condenses the eight-month School for Awakening, which I taught for seven years, into eight two-hour sessions; each session includes extended guided meditations, teachings, direct pointers, silent sitting, and plenty of time for dialogue and discussion. Though true awakening is ultimately a matter of grace, this course is designed to invite a genuine awakening or glimpse by keeping our “affectionate attention” focused on truth.

Here are some comments from past participants:

“Thank you so much for the classes, Stephan. Your guidance to the direct path is very clear and experience based. I liked the easygoing way of the entire webinar and your generosity to answer all questions. The diversity of the class was very helpful also. It is so good to see people from different parts of the world sharing this common interest!” –Carlos, Uruguay

“The digital future is here now.  This webinar format opened the door of my home to Stephan Bodian once a week.  Listening and watching him lead a class in my living room was luxurious.  Taking this course re-invigorated my understanding of the Ineffable.  The full is empty and the empty is full again.” –Jenny, California

Limited to 25 people.

Together we will explore and develop the following themes (among others):

  • Practicing an effortless approach to meditation based on natural presence rather than cultivated mind-states
  • Discovering the core questions that make self-inquiry effective
  • Pointing directly to the awake awareness that is always present in every experience
  • Learning how to identify awake awareness and develop confidence in abiding there
  • Deconstructing the separate self, the body, and the so-called external world
  • Realizing the inherent peace, love, and happiness of your natural state
  • Using self-inquiry to turn your light inward to illuminate your true self
  • Becoming aware of what constitutes awakening—in contrast to spiritual “states”– and how it unfolds
  • Dealing with the common problem of “losing” the awakening you thought you’d “gained”
  • Embodying your realization throughout the day, rather than just during quiet times
  • Living an awakened life in the midst of relationships and work

Each class will be recorded and available for viewing in case you need to miss or just want to revisit the material. There will also be a private Facebook group dedicated to the class where participants can ask questions and dialogue between sessions. If you don’t have access to a computer, you’re welcome to join by phone.

Class times are 5:45-7:45 pm US Pacific Time (PT) / 8:45-10:45 pm ET on consecutive Tuesday evenings, February 28-April 18, 2017.

Online Satsangs

I’m happy to be offering a series of video webinars hosted by the Bay Area Open Circle. Each event will offer the usual blend of teachings, direct pointers, guided meditations, and plenty of time for questions and dialogue. The purpose of satsang (literally, “being together in truth”) is to create a fertile environment in which the direct experience of our undivided true nature can reveal itself here, once and for all. Beyond this, we have an opportunity to explore the integration and embodiment of our realization in everyday life.

2017 dates TBA

For more information or to register, click here. Or you can watch a video of the November 2015 satsang here. I look forward to being together!