Meetings with Stephan Bodian

February 2017

Wake Up Now: The Direct Approach to Spiritual Realization

Based on my books Wake Up Now and Beyond Mindfulness, this eight-week online class offers a comprehensive introduction to spiritual awakening. Though the course draws on classical teachings from Advaita, Zen, and Tibetan Dzogchen, it’s grounded in direct realization, which keeps the material fresh and imbued with the energy and wisdom of Source. The intention is not to add more information to your spiritual dossier, but to guide you in waking up to the truth of your nondual spiritual nature.

April 2017

Beyond Mindfulness: Wake Up Now to Your Essential Nature
Tucson, AZ

The practice of mindfulness has its limitations, especially for those who are eager to awaken from the dream of separation and realize their essential spiritual nature. In this two-day nonresidential retreat, you will receive teachings and guided meditations that point you directly—without jargon or dogma—to your natural state of open-hearted, awakened awareness, that requires no mindful effort to achieve or maintain. There will be plenty of time for discussion and dialogue.

June 2017

Beyond Mindfulness Three-Day Retreat
Garrison Institute, United States

Whether or not you've practiced mindfulness, you can wake up directly to your timeless, limitless, inherently awake true nature, without the need for elaborate practices or rituals. In this retreat, you will receive profound teachings, direct pointers, guided meditations, and focused inquiry that invite you to wake up, not next year or in another lifetime, but right now.