Meetings with Stephan Bodian

October 2017

The Art of Happiness
Tucson, AZ

As the great spiritual traditions remind us, you can't find lasting happiness in accomplishments, possessions, or other people. Happiness is an inside job. And if you know precisely how to work with your own mind and heart, you can be happy in every situation, no matter how difficult. In this retreat you'll receive core teachings and learn four simple practices that enable you to reconnect with your innate happiness and spend more and more time just being happy.

School for Awakening 2018
Tucson, AZ

A decade ago I founded the School for Awakening because I saw the need for an intensive program of teachings, self-inquiry, meditation, and in-depth exploration of our essential nondual spiritual nature in which participants work closely with a teacher for an extended period of time. The School 2018 is a five-month total immersion, with only one purpose: to wake up from the dream of separation and to live this awakening in everyday life.