Counseling & Mentoring

“Stephan speaks from long experience to share the path that ends suffering and frees the heart for flight.”
– Stephen Levine, author of Healing into Life and Death

Schedule a counseling or mentoring session: To book an appointment, email us at with a range of available dates and times, and we’ll get back to you to confirm a time for your session. Or you can request a brief chat to determine if counseling/mentoring is right for you. Regular sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Requested payment: $125.00 per session.  If funds are limited, special arrangements may be available.

The individual counseling and mentoring sessions I offer by phone are an intimate blend of meditative self-reflection with the timeless wisdom of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta and the techniques and insights of Western psychology. My many years of experience as a spiritual teacher and my expertise and training as a psychotherapist enable me to listen deeply to your questions, sense where you may be stuck or off track, and help you realign with your path. The purpose of these sessions is to support you in realizing the truth of your being while inquiring into the stories and patterns of thinking and behaving that cause you suffering.

Like the nondual traditions on which it’s based, my approach is grounded in the realization that the true source of all healing, and the lasting resolution of all problems, lies in the recognition of our essential non dual spiritual nature. When we glimpse who we really are, beyond the stories and the conditioning, our problems begin to lose their grip, and we naturally start to feel happier, more peaceful, and more loving.

Our work together invites a glimpse of true nature by pointing directly to our inherent purity and freedom, the silent aware presence beyond the mind. At the same time, we may engage your problems on a relative level, if you wish, by supporting you in welcoming and exploring your experience exactly the way it is, including seemingly difficult emotions and mind states.

Also, the dedication to truth inevitably moves us to investigate and challenge the negative stories and beliefs that lie at the root of your suffering and may prevent you from fully living your understanding. As the light of awareness illuminates the unconscious patterns that limit you, we naturally orient together toward greater awareness, openness, clarity, freedom, and love.

Often the beliefs and stories that emerge reveal deeper feelings that may feel threatening, such as sadness, fear, grief, shame, rage, aloneness, or insecurity. As we gently and compassionately open to these feelings in the intimacy of our shared awareness, they tend to naturally release, making more energy available for joyful, spontaneous living.

If you would like to explore and deepen your intimate relationship in the context of recognizing and appreciating the Love that you both are while freeing yourselves from the core patterns that keep you from sharing it fully, I bring skills and insights from my training as a marriage and family therapist to my counseling and mentoring with couples (via Skype).

Counseling and mentoring take place by Skype, phone, or email from anywhere in the world. Because there is no distance in the heart, the work can be quite intimate and deep, no matter how many miles separate us physically.

Regular sessions last 50 minutes. Requested payment: $125 per session.

Mentoring intensive: If you feel ready to commit to a series of five sessions, I offer what I call a mentoring intensive for $550. You can schedule the sessions whenever you like and take as long as you like to use them.

If funds are limited, alternative arrangements may be available. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation: