Welcome to the Journey of Awakening!

If you yearn to go beyond the story of your life and discover greater freedom, happiness, and ease of being, I teach the “direct approach” to self-realization, which bypasses elaborate practices, belief systems, and self-improvement schemes. Instead of cultivating mindfulness, meditating to achieve some special state, or chanting a mantra to quiet your mind, you can learn to relax into your own natural state of inherent wakefulness, peace, love, and well-being, from which you’ve never been separated even for an instant. This home ground of unconditional presence and clarity is always available in the midst of whatever life brings.

Once you know where home is and how to keep returning, you can abide there as much as possible–and when you find yourself getting lost in old familiar stories and habitual reactive patterns, you can explore and inquire in order to loosen their grip over you. Abide and inquire—this is the twofold journey of deepening and embodying your natural state of unconditional presence, which I like to call awakened awareness.

If you’re seeking guidance in the direct approach, or you’ve been practicing mindfulness for years but find that it doesn’t seem to be bringing you closer to the awakening you seek, you can begin by watching my interview with Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump, watching one of my online satsangs, or reading one of my books, Wake Up Now or Beyond Mindfulness. (Read an excerpt from Beyond Mindfulness here.)

If you want to learn more about the direct path to spiritual awakening, you can purchase my pre-recorded four-week class Beyond Mindfulness: An Introduction to Spiritual Awakening. The class features two teachings and two guided meditations each week, as well as a workbook of additional materials. For more information or to purchase, click here.

If you’re ready to go deeper and explore how to awaken from the illusion of separation and how to embody this awakening in everyday life, I offer live online video satsangs and classes that combine pointing-out instructions, teachings, guided meditations, and plenty of time for dialogue. If you want individual guidance, I offer spiritual mentoring and counseling designed to foster the realization of your inherent wakefulness and peace while helping you to release the core stories that perpetuate suffering. And if you’re looking for a full immersion experience, I lead periodic retreats and intensives in Tucson and New York.

Wherever you choose to begin, I offer you my heartfelt wishes for a fulfilling journey home to the source of all happiness and fulfillment, your natural state of awakened awareness.

To download a free guided meditation designed to invite you to awaken to your nondual spiritual nature, please click here.